Look, I´m a teacher!

Alright, it´s been a few days since I´ve last posted, so let´s see how much I can recap. I found a beautiful apartment, which I will share with a Belgian girl, and perhaps another American. It´s a nice location, about 10 minutes from the city center (i.e. the top of the cliff…do a google image search for ´arcos de la frontera´ to see what i mean), and for only 350€/month total (so divided betwen two people that´s at most 200€ after electricity, but potentially much less if we are three people there…). It has an incredible view of the top of the city, as well as the surrounding campo, pictures of which I will try to post before next week, after having moved in this Saturday. For now, I am staying with a Dutch girl who is beginning her second year in a row teaching here in Arcos, and she´s been great with showing the newbies around.

 I had a day long orientation in Granada, which was useless, as it was just a series of incredibly boring lectures about the structure of Spanish education, without much insight into the practical approaches to teaching (which can´t be taught in a matter of hours, anyways).

So I am writing now in the computer room of my school, which will be my de facto Internet cafe, as it is free (I will not have Internet in my apartment). I just finished with my second day teaching, and it´s been an interesting experience so far. Not only is this the first year that my school has had an English Language Assistant – this program is in it´s 3rd year now in Spain – but I am the only one at the school this year. Because the school, C.E.I.P. Riofrío, has only one class at each level, I will actually be working with every student in the entire school, all the way from a couple short preschool sessions every week up through 6th grade. Granted I am only working 12 hours a week (my day today was from 9:00-10:40), the wide range of ages and the daunting task of learning all these names (I´m pretty sure there are at least 20 José María´s in the school…) will add an extra challenge to the year.

But I´ve enjoyed it so far. I taught the sixth graders, by far the most entertaining out of the four levels I´ve had so far, all about Boston, the Red Sox, my life, as well as answering the question of if I like pizza several times an hour. Right now I´m still mainly observing how things are done, and serving as a model of proper pronunciation, but I have the freedom to develop activities and lesson plans if I so chose (suggestions?).

Ah, before I forget, I just bought a cell phone yesterday, so if anybody wants to make an expensive call, my number is 638-267-202. My address, as of Saturday, will be (and I think it goes in this order):

2a c/Granada, Apt. 2a, 11630 Arcos de la Frontera, España

 (The building number and apt. number are both 2a…)

 I´ll try to upload a video tour of my new apt. if I can, but if not, definitely photos. Now I´m off to get some lunch.


~ by lincolnbrody on October 4, 2007.

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