It certainly seems like I picked the wrong year to be a Boston sports fan living overseas. The Red Sox and Patriots success this year has been nothing short of mind-boggling, but alas, I only know that because of espn.com. I saw only a couple of playoff innings total (at least seeing J.D. Drew´s grand slam will include me in the yes I really saw that camp), and not a single Pats game. Luckily, even Spain is privy to the spectacle of the Super Bowl, so I strongly suspect I´ll see the game that counts this year.

Life in Arcos continues as usual. There was just a puente here (translated directly as ¨bridge,¨ it is the uniquely and perfectly Spanish practice of turning any holiday – and this is a country of holidays – that does not fall on a Monday or Friday into a 4-day weekend. You ¨bridge¨ the awkward workday. I should point out that, yes, there are Wednesday holidays, too, and yes, 5-day weekends have be known to happen. Official, government sanctioned, 5-day weekends. Incredible. So the bell just rang and I have to go teach 6th graders. I will talk about my puente tomorrow….


~ by lincolnbrody on November 5, 2007.

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