Puente, cont.

To pick up where I left off yesterday, this past weekend was a puente, and while many people travel, I actually stayed in Arcos for a couple reasons. One reason is that I had not gotten paid yet, and using the dollar here has depleted my bank account more than I expected. The more important reason I stayed, though, was because my good friend from Skidmore, Phoebe, and her friend Sasha came and visited me. The two of them had just arrived in Barcelona a couple days earlier, and came down to Arcos as a stopover on their way to some farm outh of Granada. Sasha got a generous grant from her university to write childrens books on farms in Spain, and decided to take Phoebe with her. So I showed them around town, we relaxed, went to a beach town called Sanlúcar for a pretty great tapas festival, and they cooked good things because I can´t do that so much. And we had the absolute best chorizo sausage I´ve come across yet, in a cool tapas bar that shares walls with the 11th-century castle that is closed off to the public. Memorable chorizo, really.

The next puente is in the beginning of December, and I´m desperately trying to figure out how to get to Sicily, as my good friend, Cara, and I had planned on a late-Thanksgiving/early holiday season party and feast. It turns out that getting to Sicily (or rather leaving Sicily) is complicated and expensive, especially because I am coming from southern Spain. I´ll keep looking, and I might have to spend more money than I want to, but it would be really nice to do something like this considering that I won´t be coming back to the States for the holidays.

I´ve taken some more photos around town, with friends, and of my room, which I now realize has not been featured on my blog yet. I´ll try to get some of those up soon.


~ by lincolnbrody on November 6, 2007.

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