New weekly gossip section

Ok, so here´s the deal. As much as you all (how many of you are there anyways, 6?) probably appreciate the big picture descriptions of my activities, and quaint snapshots of the historical district, etc., I think I am going to, in the words of my friend, David, add some more ¨juicy¨ content now and then.

Arcos is a small, town, so word gets around. Word about anything, really, and I intend on keeping my ears peeled as to the latest escapades, tomfoolery, and/or trysts (harder to do) of the arquenses (I made up that word, but it has a 50% chance of being correct).

This weeks gossip: La frutera

So, the muchacha who sells me my fruit and vegetables, has been very high on my very short list of potential Spanish novias. Despite her stunning good looks, it seemed all too possible that she was, for lack of a better term, maybe still in high school. Her age was never quite clear, but eventually her mother, the owner of the shop, told my Dutch friend that she was indeed 21. Encouraging, right? Not exactly, because the mother also commented that her daughter is not only 2 months pregnant, but also – and this is the point of most surprise to me – has been with her boyfriend for 9 years! Since she was 12! Didn´t see that one coming!

 Next week I will try to find out what those old guys on that bench talk about all day.


~ by lincolnbrody on November 8, 2007.

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