Feliz Año Nuevo

Hey all. Been awhile since I last wrote, and I am working on a longer, more exhaustive description of my two week holiday vacation here in Spain, but I wanted to make a post saying I´m still alive. And happy 2008. Everything is back to normal at school, except a lot of kids seemed to have gotten haircuts for Christmas. I´ll try to post a photo of the kids soon (I seemed to have run out of available photo memory on wordpress, but I know I accidentally uploaded some photos several times, so I will try to clean that up and keep adding photos). Many 11 and 12 year olds´ hairdoos make them look middle-aged, which is something to see. I also have photos and videos of my 6th graders singing the carrol ¨I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In,¨ in English, with myself accompanying on guitar. And if I can I will post a video of one of my 6th graders, Saray, a Gypsy who sings a Flamenco version of ¨The First Noel¨ in Spanish. I was blown away by her, especially considering that it was her own arrangement. Spanish Gypsies truly have Flamenco running through their veins, and it´s something you have to see to really comprehend.

I will try my best to finish my piece about my vacation for tomorrow, but if it´s not up by then look for it early next week.

Oh, and go Pats!


~ by lincolnbrody on January 10, 2008.

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