These Are a Few of the Most Spanish Things

         At the Feria de Jerez, a cop shrugs apathetically after two very drunk guys pat him on the shoulder appreciatively


         A beautiful girl gets a stupid haircut and wears bad clothes


         Let’s have lunch. It’s just a huge chunk of meat with no sauce or seasoning, and maybe an egg, too


         It’s 2:30am at the Feria de Jerez, and the only two possible activities are drinking and dancing. Let’s take our toddlers with us.




         85% of the population in horizontal stripes


         Let’s have dinner. It’s midnight.


         American football? That’s rugby, right?


         I’ve got an idea. Let’s all talk as loud as we can, everywhere in the country, all the time.


         China being synonymous with Asia


         Smoking a pack a day and never exercising yet still living longer than the rest of the world because of so much god damn olive oil making the Spanish body work so well


         Tiny dogs that are a tiny amount of fun


     Deeply rooted shame


~ by lincolnbrody on May 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “These Are a Few of the Most Spanish Things”

  1. […] this blog post by my friend lincoln pinpoints several aspects of spanish culture extremely […]

  2. best thing you´ve ever done, punto.

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