School´s Out

I haven´t actually written about my job in quite some time, so it might be worth noting that I actually finished working last Friday. In fact, I´m leaving Spain on Sunday. But don´t worry, I´m coming back. I was able to extend my grant from the Spanish Minestry of Education for another year. I will remain in Arcos de la Frontera, in the same elementary school, and probably in the same apartment (though I think my Belgian housemate won´t be living there again.) I´m very much looking forward to a second year. My andaluz dialect will hit the ground running upon my return in Septmeber, and I will know all the sweet places to eat and get a drink, and and will therefore be revered by the new batch of language assitants in Arcos (there should be either 3 or 4 newbies coming).

Part of the reason that I am so excited is that I can follow the entire soccer season this time around, which is great both because 40 straight weeks of Spanish soccer is relentlessly awesome, and also because I will make a lot of money betting on soccer. Now, I know that this statement seems a little silly, but hear me out. The government runs several different weekly lottery tickets and games, one of which is la quniela, the Spanish soccer lottery. It consists of 15 different matches – 10 first division matches, and 5 either second division or foreign league (often the German league) matches – whose results must be guessed. The thing is, you only have to guess if the match will end in a win, loss, or draw for one of the teams, not figure an exact score. 1 euro grants you two columns of bets. Startng at 10 correct results in either of the columns, you start winning money (the prizes change every week according to the amount of participants and winners). I have only been playing for a month, but I already got 12 right on one ticket, which got me 20 euro. I´ve gotten 9 right twice. I´m so confident. If I had gotten just one more right on that first ticket, I would have earned €2,500. And the thing is, there is no reason I shouldn´t have gotten 13. The German league is a total mystery to me, and I´m sure that if I even bothered to look up the standings before playing, I would´ve gotten one more right. So next year, I will make millions, all one 1 euro bets.

This blog will run next year as well. Maybe even a little this summer. Thanks to everyone who read and responded to my writing and photography this year, I´ve gotten some really great feedback and encouragement.  I haven´t been posting nearly as much recently, but that is a combination of getting ready to leave Arcos as well as all the time I´ve been spending with my new, beautiful Spanish girlfriend (which is kind of scandalous, as she is a co-worker, and nobody at the school knows except for her roommate, who is also my good friend. If I could write a gossip column about myself, I would write about this, but that would a little bit ridiculous). On that note, I´m signing off until next September. Thanks again to everyone who kept up with my time here.



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