Back for More

Welcome back to  La Vida Andaluza, everyone. I´ve just returned to Arcos, and begin teaching on October 1st. For now, though, I´m just relaxing and enjoying the Feria de San Miguel, Arcos´ five-day city festival in honor of its patron saint. Horses and bulls (in a ring, not the streets, this time), rebujitos (sherry wine mixed with 7-Up, a classic feria drink) and tapas, and of course, women in flamenco dresses. This is southern Spain at its best. I´ll be back with more soon, but for now, I have to go pick up a quiniela  ticket (government issued soccer betting), make a Spanish omlette, and go to the feria. I might even make it back by 3am to watch the presidential debate, but I´m not counting on it…


~ by lincolnbrody on September 26, 2008.

One Response to “Back for More”

  1. Its great to hear that your having a great time in Arcos. Use those soccer skills and win 50,000 euro! Hope to hear from you soon man, have a great time teaching.

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