Não boa coisa

So here´s the deal. Last year, I was teaching a couple hours every morning, and then tended to hang around until 2pm on the school´s internet, you know, because it´s so free and all. Well, this year, the bilingual program´s coordinator decided that if I am well rested, I will be even more effective, so she gave me a schedule which has me begin work usually around 11:30am. Not bad, eh? Well, the only thing is, now I hardly ever use the internet, because I will rarely come to school early, and my ride home leaves promptly at 2pm. My readers, of course, will realize that this means my posts may be fewer and farther between. I will try to find away around this that does not involve waking up earlier and sacrificing my incredible schedule. That being said, here´s what I´ve been up to…

Columbus Day is celebrated in Spain (this should not be too surprising), and as such, this past Monday off allowed for what my girlfriend, Esmeralda, and I thought would be a nice little trip to Lisbon. However, this trip was an absolute bust. Esme got robbed the first night there, losing cash and credit cards, not to mention her ID and health card (and her quiniela soccer betting ticket, which is potentially worth up to around 100,000 euros). On top of that, it was raining the whole time, and our hotel was in the middle of nowhere. I did, however, develop a keen ear for the characteristics of the Portuguese language, about which I will elaborate in my next post (I may have made an exciting linguistic discovery about farts!). I also took a few photos, which I will also post soon, along with photos of my new apartment and a couple leftovers from last Spring.

While my Lisbon weekend did not go as planned, my private English class market is booming. With a few hous a week in an English academy nearmy house, plus lessons continued from last year and regular inquiries from word of mouth, I´m looking at increasing my monthly revenues by at least 150%. This is great news, because I have to make 35 euros last for the next two weeks.

I am also diligently attempting to win large sums of money by gambling on soccer. As of yet, I have not accomplished this goal, but I am confident that my 2 euro a week habit will eventually win me somewhere between 20 euros (my single ticket record from last May) and tens of thousands of euros. In either case, absolutely everything having to do with Spain´s soccer league remains the most awesome thing out there. Tonight, Spain´s national team plays Belgium in a World Cup qualifier match, and Spain is going to win. We are feeling pretty good about this.

So that´s the news in brief, look for photos of Lisbon and my apartment shortly, as well as some unique and potentially controversial comments about the Portuguese language.


~ by lincolnbrody on October 15, 2008.

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