La quiniela

As I´ve mentioned before, I have become engrossed in the universe of the Spanish soccer league, considered by some to be the best single league in the world (although the British premiership and the aptly-titled Champions League would probably disagree). And just when you thought that the most exciting way to spend a weekend couldn´t get any more exciting, along came betting. La quiniela, and its lesser-known sibling, quinigol, are now a staple in my soccer diet. The former presents the better with every division 1 match of the weekend, along with several other matches, either in division 2 or a different European league. The quiniela is quite simple, just guess if ther match will result in a ¨1,¨ a win for the home team, a ¨2,¨ a win for the visiting team, or an ¨x,¨ a tie. Here is a recent betting ticket that I filled out, and corrected (a circle means a correct bet):

As you might have noticed, starting at match 10, my luck runs out. This is because matches 10-14 are division 2 matches, and I just can´t get down with division 2, when there´s division 1 around. My knowledge of the standings is perfunctory, and I make uneducated guesses because I do not know or care about who is injured, recent match outcomes, or any other information which would inform my bet. This is too bad, because I really want to win a lot of money, and in order to start collecting, you must get at least 10 of the 14 matches correct in one column (bets have a minumum of two columns, which cannot be mixed and matched). Match 15 only matters as a bonus if you nailed all 14 other matches. Last spring I got 12 matches right, and won 20€. This year I´m going for thousands.

The quinigol, is basically the same thing, except with the score of the match, and less matches. The ¨M¨ stands for más, or ¨more,¨ which just means 3 or more goals. Here´s what this ticket looks like:

As for now, no luck. I got nine matches right yesterday, and we´ll see how my Champions League ticket fares in the next couple days. My readers will be sure to know if I win thousands of euros.


~ by lincolnbrody on October 21, 2008.

One Response to “La quiniela”

  1. Mis mejores deseos para tus quinielas, estoy casi segura de que vas a ganar mucho dinero esta temporada, Mucha Suerte!!!!

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