Madrid and Toledo

Two weekends ago, Esmeralda and I went to the Spanish capital for a long weekend, thanks to a confluence of two national holidays celbrating the Virgen Mary´s Immaculate Conception and the Constitution of 1978 (which, might I point out, does in theory separate Church and State…). When I was studying in Madrid my junior year of college, I only came away with a small handful of photos from city, so I was determined to take more on this trip. The constant rain, however, impeded that mission, and I literally only have photos from our day-trip to the medeival town of Toledo. Before positing them, I will mention that the trip to Madrid was great, we did the main things I like to do there (a morning at the Prado, churros and chocolate at San Ginés, patatas bravas and a doble jarra de la cerveza tostada at Natürbier, sangria at Bar Sésamo, etc.). The highlight, however, was attending the Real Madrid-Sevilla match, which Sevilla won in dramatic fashion, while surpassing the New York Yankees of Spanish soccer in the standings. (Esmeralda is a die-hard sevillista, and it was difficult for her to curb her emotions even while surrounded by the Madrid fans who like to call people from Sevilla ¨Gypsies, yokels, and sons of bitches,¨ as the popular stadium chant goes. We (yes, we, after Barcelona I have adopted Sevilla as my 2nd team) got the last laugh, though, winning 3-4, as well as causing the immediate firing of the apathetic Madrid coach, Bernd Schuster.

But if photos are what you came here for, you´ll have to settle for Toledo. It was my third time in the city most notorious for peacefully housing the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish communities within its limited confines for over 200 years during the period of Arab rule in Middle Ages. The city is so rich with important monuments that UNESCO has declared the entirety of its Old Town as a World Heritage Site. These are a few of my photos from Toledo:


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