Select Praise for Andalucian Television, pt. 3

It has recently come to my attention that the third television program I had planned on writing about, Andaluces por el Mundo (¨Andalusians Throughout the World¨), is not actually an original concept in Spain, and that Canal Sur 2 broadcasts a virtually identical show as TeleMadrid, for example, only with andaluces insread of madrileños. That being said, Andaluces por el Mundo still retains its most singular element: andaluces. It is not just the unique culture that makes Andalucía such a special place; it is just as much the overwhelming enthusiasm of the andaluces in embracing and perpetuating its many idiosyncarcies that makes this region unlike any other in the world.

And leave it to an andaluz to tell you why. Every week, the hosts report back to Spain with a short documentary on a handful of andaluces living in any given corner of the globe. Every subject tells a different story of how they got to be where they are, highlighting cultural differences between their adoptive countries and their Spanish homeland. Many of the younger subjects are simply students, or have found temporary work in an exotic location. The older andaluces, though, tend to have more compelleing stories, as many of them were forced out during the Franco dictatorship, and for any number of reasons, decided never to move back to Spain from their exile. And then there is everyone in between, each with their own story, and each professing that, no matter where they live now, nothing truly compares to la vida andaluza.

Equal parts entertaining and informative, Andaluces por el Mundo serves as both an informal study in Andalucian diaspora and a rough travel guide to the best cities in the world. When I watch, I am not only learning about foreign lands and cultures, but I am also deeping my understanding of the Andalucian people themsevles. Fantástico.


The distant and strange land of California:


~ by lincolnbrody on February 18, 2009.

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