Learning Outside the Classroom: Curso Dandalú

I´ve written about many of the defining characteristics of Andalucía, about its geographies, its people, and its culture. I´ve also mentioned that in Andalucía, there exists a dialect of Castillian Spanish, andaluz. While not officially recognized linguistically, andaluz (or andalú in its own parlance) is undeniable in its ubiquity throughout the region. Andaluz  has its own words, phrases, and accent, but it is just as much the corresponding attitude of its speakers while speaking it that sets it apart from Castillian. It is meant to be spoken very loudly, with swagger, slurred, and with a big fat grin on your face. It´s like being at a party…except the party´s in your mouth…and everyone´s invited!

For anyone who already speaks Spanish, but not andaluz, these are the first two parts of a brilliant satire series of didactic videos. Even if you don´t speak Spanish, you´re invited to the party. Enjoy.



~ by lincolnbrody on March 18, 2009.

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