Festival de Patios Cordobeses 2009

Not since the Hanging Gardens of Babylon have popular architecture and botany been wed with such tremendous grace and vibrancy. Exaggeration? Probably, but it is true that nothing really compares with the once Moorish capital of Córdoba (that´s Cordova for you guiris) in the month of May, when an unbeatable confluence of celebrations and festivals – Patios, Feria, Flamenco, and surely I´m missing something – make it easily the most attractive destination in Andalucía this month. I had gone up to Córdoba for the Patios last Spring, and it was so breathtaking that I couldn´t pass up the opportunity to check them out again this year, even if it was for only one day. The vast  majority of these patios are indeed within the walls of private houses, and are generously opened to us tens of thousands of strangers every May. The notion of intimacy is, paradoxically, simultaneosuly forfeited and amplified, and much of the charm of these typical Andalucían spaces can be appreciated by understanding that they are just that: a private public place. Open, but closed, and outside, yet inside. We´re just lucky that this contest exists (and I can assure you that it doesn´t exist for the money; the first prize winner takes home – well, stays at home with – no more than 3,000€, which at best covers the expenses of maintainance durign this two week marathon of colors) so that we, too, can get a taste of the essence of these spectacular patios.

I posted photos last year, so I tried to avoid choosing images of the same patios this time around. The patios fell under two distinct categories: Arquitectura moderna and Arquitectura tradicional. Enjoy!


may 19 009


may 19 019


may 19 021


may 19 049


may 19 057


may 19 059


may 19 069


may 19 078


may 19 074


may 19 096


may 19 120


may 19 126


may 19 156


may 19 122


~ by lincolnbrody on May 20, 2009.

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