Flamenco Harmonica

A co-worker of mine, Luis Agar, is not only an avid flamenco fan, he´s also performs the music. His instrument of choice is the harmonica, which is understandably a completely exotic sound for this very traditional genre of Andalusian music. Luis had just created a website about his curious approach to flamenco, and he asked me to translate the page´s introduction into English. Go to http://armonicaflamenca.com/index.htm, and click on the British flag for my translation.

I should also mention that Luis would love to perform his particular art in America someday, so if you are reading this, and you book this kind of act, this is totally your man.

Tomorrow I will finally get a chance to watch the Flamenco harmonica in action – Luis has a concert as one of Arcos´s peñas de flamenco.  It promises to be a night filled with cervezas and sorrow.


~ by lincolnbrody on June 4, 2009.

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  1. […] Flamenca Video In June I posted about my friend and now former co-worker Luis Agar’s flamenco harmonica project. Don’t be fooled, though — this is not your typical westernized flamenco fusion […]

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