The Best Commercial on Spanish TV

Spanish TV tends to be pretty terrible. Tacky, mediocre series, schlock-talk programs dedicating countless hours to the minutiae of bullfighters’ ex-mother-in-laws lives, and semi-professional handball matches can exhaust all but the most jaded viewers. I previously enumerated 3 regional programs seen here in Andalucía that for me represented welcome relief from the otherwise unwatchable offerings (Select Praise for Andalucian Television, pt. 1Select Praise for Andalucian Television, pt. 2, and Select Praise of Andalucian Television, pt. 3). I am now happy to announce a new, if only one minute, reminder that it ain’t all bad on the airwaves over here. The commercial for the information hotline “11888” has put to shame any other Spanish jingle I can personally ever remember — in part because it’s more a miniature pop song than a jingle, lasting 60 full seconds and featuring a chorus. The creators must’ve known they were on to something, because it’s presented as a karaoke (not just on YouTube, but on the TV version as well) so you can sing along if you speak Spanish.

I have never called this number, by the way, nor do I think I ever will. That’s neither here nor there.


~ by lincolnbrody on October 22, 2009.

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