Castilleja de la Cuesta in Photos

This past Sunday I finally got around to taking some photos of Castilleja. These photos represent only a small portion of the village, but Castilleja is small, and this almost sums it up. I hope to get some good twilight shots soon, especially of the view of Sevilla from near my apartment.

october 26 011

Small plaza near my apartment



october 26 016

Plaza de la Encarnación, also near my apartment



october 26 018

Calle Daoiz



october 26 023

View of the Parroquia de Santiago



october 26 028

Plaza de Santiago



october 26 035

View of the 16th Century Casa Palacio Hernán Cortés (now home to the "Las Irlandesas" Catholic school)



october 26 079

Castilleja de la Cuesta's shield, at the entrance to the recently inaugurated Parque de las Civilizaciones, down the road from my apartment



october 26 063

Parque de las Civilizaciones, which opened on October 14th



october 26 048

The park is full of olive trees



october 26 090

A sitting wall in the Parque de Civilizaciones


~ by lincolnbrody on October 27, 2009.

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