Itálica: Sevilla’s Roman City

I spent this afternoon at the Roman ruins of Itálica, where the infrastructure of an entire 2nd-century BC city has been preserved. The archaeological site is located in the town of Santiponce, only about 15 minutes from Castilleja. Here are some photos from the visit (I continue shooting predominantly in black and white here).

november 8 043

Roman road


november 8 046

Roman statue (probably a replica)


november 8 055

Cypress shadow


november 8 065

View of the town of Santiponce from Itálica


november 8 075

A mosaic in the House of the Birds, one of Itálica's private residences


november 8 086

The bird mosaic in the House of the Birds


november 8 087

Detail of the bird mosaic


november 8 136

Inside Itálica's amphitheater


november 8 141

In the gallery of the amphitheater


november 8 174

Amphitheater gallery


november 8 182

Walking out into the amphitheater


november 8 189

Underground tunnel and view out of the amphitheater


~ by lincolnbrody on November 8, 2009.

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