Podemos (ganar el Mundial…)!

I guess this will make two straight World Cup-related posts, but that’s ok, because the World Cup deserves nothing less than obscure blog recognition.

Coinciding with yesterday’s group draw (Spain has been placed in a seemingly simple Group H with Chile, Honduras, and Switzerland, but would then have to face either Brazil, Portugal, or the Ivory Coast in a very complicated round of 16 elimination), the official World Cup Spanish TV network, Cuatro, presented its reworked “Podemos” hymn/rally cry first used for the successful EuroCup 2008 campaign. The video this time around is almost exclusively based on their European championship run from last year.  The African music intro is a bit cliche on the surface, but it’s also pretty awesome when you figure out that they are actually singing, in Spanish, a hypothetical goal commentary. Also of note is the shot of a truly amped-up Princess Letizia at the EuroCup (at 1:13).

In case you forgot, “Podemos” basically means “Yes, we can.” (I posted last year about a couple curious connections between Obama and Spanish soccer.)


~ by lincolnbrody on December 5, 2009.

One Response to “Podemos (ganar el Mundial…)!”

  1. Wait a minute–“Podemos” means “Yes, we can”? Then what what were all those Obama speeches with “Sí, se puede” saying?

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