Andalucía es de Cine

“Andalusia is like a movie.” Well, it is when you make a series of super-glossy documentary shorts about it and tack on a cinematic soundtrack. (I don’t know this specific piece nor its composer, but it recalls Aaron Copeland and his pastoral Americana far more than the flamenco-drenched south of Spain. I guess actual Spanish music isn’t “de cine”?) Canal Sur, the region’s TV network that I’ve frequently referenced on this blog, produced a few years back the “Andalucía es de Cine” collection of 1-minute aerially shot homages to the architectural beauty of Andalusia’s most striking towns and cities. For somebody who lives in Andalusia — and if you are able to watch Canal Sur then odds are you live in Andalusia — these films are preaching to the choir, and maybe also stroking the choir’s pride. They seem to me more appropriate for an advertising campaign (subject of my next post), coming off as self-aggrandizing and a tad too triumphant. Sevilla is one thing, but if you’re trying to convince me that El Ejido is a cinematic town, you’re cause is questionable. And that is precisely why I share these videos here on my blog, because they are in the end undeniably pretty, in part because one senses an almost bizarre necessity to convince the (Andalusian) viewers of Andalusia’s uniqueness. Anyone from outside this region will probably get more out of these than an andaluz, even despite of the Spanish narration. And if anyone knows what this curiously chosen piece of music is, do let me know.

Sevilla es de Cine (3 parts):

Arcos de la Frontera es de Cine (2 parts):


~ by lincolnbrody on February 27, 2010.

One Response to “Andalucía es de Cine”

  1. Music is bij Gustav Holst, the ‘planet suite’

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