Sexy Sevilla FC

This past season was a grueling one for Sevilla Football Club, the better (sorry, second-tier Betis) of the city´s two professional clubs. A strong start, highlighted by a thrilling victory over Real Madrid,  withered rather quickly under head coach Manolo Jiménez´s shocking incompetence. They slipped out of European competition spots–team finishing 6th or above in the Spanish league qualify for either the Europa League or Champions league elite continental tournaments–several times, and their schizophrenic home performances left many season ticket holders confounded and irate. With everyone fed up, Jiménez received his long-overdue marching orders, the team lifted their heads up, and managed to win the Copa del Rey, a season-long knock-out tournament involving 1st-3rd tier Spanish teams, not one week after a goal in the last minute of the entire season by an 18-year-old kid who had played 5 minutes ever on the first team launched Sevilla FC back into 4th place to dramatically claim the last Champions League spot.

Wild stuff, indeed, but this season has no doubt taken several years off the lives of Sevilla´s hardcore fan base. The club got worried that a perfect storm of the financial crisis and ever more heart attack-inducing performances might actually lose them a good number of abonados (season ticket holders). So what do they do? Well, sex always sells, doesn´t it? The following video is the team´s latest ad campaign to convince current abonados to renew. The catch-line at the end reads ¨It´s been hard, and very fun. Enjoy yourself with us. We belong to everybody.¨ It´s a scintillating Sevilla soccer spot:


~ by lincolnbrody on June 22, 2010.

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