Forget Flamenco: Outsider Music About Andalucía (pt. 1)

Southern Spain is, of course, the land of flamenco. The traditional art form is intrinsically bound to the region from which it arose, and it is difficult to associate any other music with Andalucía. However, looking outside of the country — and sometimes even in other parts of Spain — we come across a handful of songs that found inspiration in Andalucía´s beauty, singularity, and even tragedy.

The first song I´m posting in this series is an elegant instrumental by Portland, Or. group Pink Martini, and is simply titled ¨Andalucia¨ (I´ll let the lack of accent over the i slide, but only because it´s such a gorgeous song. As a general rule, though, either use the full Spanish spelling, accent and all, or instead use the English ¨Andalusia.¨ Don´t stop somewhere in the middle). While this song does indeed sound vaguely Spanish, it does not clearly adhere to any particular Spanish style of music. In other words, it´s music about Andalucía, not Andalusian music. It works as an impressionistic interpretation of the the burnt orange fields and low rolling hills of the abundant countryside, while perfectly embodying the breezy, nonchalant spirit that permeates the region´s culture.


~ by lincolnbrody on September 12, 2010.

One Response to “Forget Flamenco: Outsider Music About Andalucía (pt. 1)”

  1. […] like the first song we heard in this series, Pink Martini´s ¨Andalucia,¨ ¨Sevilla¨ seems to be more a self-conscious admiration from a safe distance than an actual […]

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