Andalucía Day: A Trip to Málaga

Happy Andalucía Day! Today marks the date in 1980 when Andalucía achieved status as an Autonomous Community — roughly the Spanish equivalent of a a state in the U.S., though, as the title suggests, with more regional independence. Folks down here celebrate by eating the traditional breakfast of toast with olive oil and ham and singing the Andalusian Hymn. Most important, of course, is the corresponding puente (bridge), meaning long weekend. Most Andalusians take advantage of the fact that a regional holiday does not amount to skyrocketing airfares  to move about Europe or the further reaches of Spain. Being that it´s still too early to have a beach vacation in earnest, many of the southern coastal cities remain fairly calm during the Andalucía Day weekend, and can provide an ideal alternative to more popular destinations like Paris or London. As Esmeralda´s aunt works in Málaga, and rents a small loft in the city center, and readily offered to leave us the keys,  we decided to celebrate Andalucía in the most unconventional way: staying in Andalucía.

Surprisingly, neither of us had ever visited Málaga, a mid-sized Mediterranean city that, incidentally, rubs most sevillanos the wrong way because of its insistence that it deserves to be (exactly why is unclear) the capital of Andalucía. With a free place to crash and with temperatures forecast for the mid-70s, there was little to discuss.

Today, in honor of Andalucía day, I post a selection of my photos from the trip. All the photos are from either the Gibralfaro Castle or the Alcazaba, two millennial Arab constructions overlooking the the entire city, port and sea below.

(Remember, click on the photos for the high resolution version)

View from the Gibralfaro Castle of the Málga, bull ring and Mediterranean Sea

Gibralfaro Castle

View of Málaga´s cathedral from the Alcazaba fortress

Running water takes center stage at the Alcazaba, much like at Granada´s Alhambra

Looking out over Málaga from a palace in the Alcazaba fortress

Málaga skyline seen from the Alcazaba

Courtyard in the Alcazaba


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