Sufre y Ama: Madrid’s Love Graffiti

In honor of today, Valentine’s Day (Día de San Valentín in Spanish), I would like to share a curious discovery that I made during my year studying abroad in Madrid from 2005 to 2006. 

As I began settling into my surroundings, I quickly became aware that some — perhaps lovelorn — madrileño graffiti artist was filling the city center with a unique and easily recognizable eye-patched figures with oversize red hearts. The tagline “sufre y ama” (suffer and love) usually accompanied the childishly crude drawings. Some were life-size, others were hidden, covered with partially-torn concert posters or at the bottom of back-alley door frames. 

I took it upon myself to become the unofficial “sufre y ama” photographer. During my months as a hyper-specific graffiti hunter in the Spanish capital, I was able to uncover about 30 different unique drawings scattered about the city’s historic center (I lived in Plaza Santa Ana, and spent much of my time in that neighborhood; it’s possible that what I found was just the tip of the iceberg). 

In this post I’ve published a small selection of the photos I took (some, it must be said, were too obscene for this particular blog). I would very much be interested to know if anybody else has noticed this graffiti, or — much less likely — know who is behind them, what the motivation was. In all likeliness, the artist will forever remain anonymous, and is probably exactly what he or she wanted.

Sufre y Ama:



















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